How to make a simple pizza is delicious and tasty

How to make a simple pizza is delicious and tasty – Pizza is a food or non-food specialties native to Indonesia, but its existence is favored by many people. Evidenced by the many shops or restaurants Pizza is almost always paid by the customer. In addition, a pizza delivery service is almost never empty because the is delicious food, tasty, filling, although the price is a bit expensive for the size of a certain size and a certain topping toppings. Pizza is increasingly popular and enjoyed by many people now can you make yourself at home.

Pizza is actually made of materials that is practical and easy to obtain. Another advantage of making pizza at home is that you can replace any topping pizza with the ingredients you prefer. In addition, you can also add flavor, shape, until you become more innovative with hygiene and health is maintained. Costs incurred will also be more efficient if you buy pizza from your favorite restaurants. Here is how to make a simple was delicious, savory and delicious, of course, for you to do at home with readily available materials.

Ingredients for bread pizza:
3 tablespoons cooking oil
3 tablespoons butter
4 g instant yeast
1 egg
200 ml of liquid milk warm
250 gm flour protein

Materials and stuffing pizza sauce:
2 pieces of onion, then finely chopped
3-4 sausages, cut into pieces
2 tomatoes, cut into thin strips
Minced meat according to taste
1 bell pepper, remove the contents and cut into squares
2 cloves of garlic
1 egg
1 leek finely chopped
Cheese to taste
Ketchup and chilli sauce

How to make pizza:
1. Mix the flour, butter, mix well, then add the oil and stir again.
2. Add eggs and milk, stir again until smooth.
3. Allow the dough for 15 minutes in a closed container cloth napkins
4. While waiting, saute garlic, chutney, sausages, tomatoes, eggs, peppers, scallions and cook until the last and wait a while before being picked up.
5. Take the dough that has been allowed to stand for 15 minutes, then enter and spread on Teflon, with a pierced prick with a fork in order to inflate.
6. Sprinkle the dough with tomato sauce in Teflon until blended. Then dab the contents of materials that have been sauteed, and coat again with ketchup.
7. Add the grated cheese over the batter already topped the
8. Cover tightly teflon after the fire is lit and wait for about 15 minutes
9. Pizza made your ready to be served.


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