How to Make Recipe Bubur Sumsum

How to Make Recipe Bubur Sumsum – This is a kind of porridge marrow porridge made with rice flour which will be served concurrently with a sauce made from brown sugar, or in the Java language, we know him Juruh. In this broth porridge does not use a mixture of coconut milk, but instead of rice flour mixed with coconut milk. The menu is porridge marrow so many people who love it. Marrow porridge because they have a soft texture and very delicious when eaten. Usually porridge marrow is presented as breaking fast menu.

To make this type of porridge, of course, is easy because the material – the material to be used in the making was also very easy to find. Not only that, as in the manufacture of pulp, this kind does not take a long time. There are so many ways to use this cord to make porridge. And the development of more advanced age, the creation – a new creation in manufacturing kinds of porridge is also growing. As only the color on porridge marrow that is usually white, are now given a green color of food coloring or pandan leaves, to be more interesting and has a special aroma, or can be made in accordance with the creations and tastes of each. Here is a way of making porridge marrow practical in accordance with the manufacture of pulp marrow in general. Later you will be able to know and learn the making of a we’ll share next time.

100 grams of rice flour
½ tsp salt
3 pieces of pandan leaves, torn, for the node
650 ml coconut milk from 1 coconut

100 ml of water
200 grams of brown sugar, chopped
2 pieces of pandan leaves, made a knot

How to make it
Mix some coconut milk, salt and rice flour, stirring. Set aside.
Boil the remaining milk with pandan leaves using medium heat, stirring all the time. Pour the flour mixture made earlier, stirring until thickened and reduced.
Mix all sauce ingredients, boil until thickened and then filtered.
Serve topped with a sauce of pureed white sugar. before you can see.


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