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Bikin Salad Buah Bagus Untuk Kesehatan

Bikin Salad Buah Bagus Untuk Kesehatan – If they eat the same food and that’s it, would most certainly attacked by boredom. Well strategy to overcome this are varied cooking. For example you can try Japanese cuisine. That is not too complicated, just looking for an easy Japanese recipes. With this dish menu, guaranteed to you and your family feel different sensations when they ate this dish.

So what Japanese cuisine is it? On this occasion I will share practical Japanese recipes to help you cook Japanese cuisine. The following recipe is a recipe for making traditional Japanese sushi. Immediately, we see what are the steps?

Your career woman and do not have time to cook? Have you choose practical recipes for busy women? Being a busy woman might be that your choice. But this does not make you leave your key obligations in the household. One of them is to give your best dishes for your husband and children. Do not let your loved ones fall victim to major instant foods and fast that endanger their health. Therefore, your career should not be an excuse not to cook.

Then how to make a career outside the home runs and balanced? The trick is you have to choose dishes that will not be too time-consuming. Enough dishes were simple but still healthy. It would not hurt you to try one of the recipes is practical and cepatberikut.

Name tongseng meat cooking namely tomatoes. This recipe is quite practical and will not take up too much of your time because the presentation is quite fast and materials are also quite simple. Let us tengokin what are the ingredients?

To make this simple dish you simply provide 500 grams of beef brisket sanding or if none can be replaced with the usual beef. Then provide jiga 10 pieces cayenne pepper, 100 grams of cabbage, 5 green tomatoes, 2 tablespoons curry powder, 6 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 packet of beef flavoring size of 13 grams, 1 liter of water and 5 tablespoons cooking oil for sauteing. Make sure all of these ingredients exist for good cooking.

As for how to make are as follows.

First of all pieces of cabbage and tomatoes. Then stir-fry the beef until it changes color. After the color change kecoklata, enter the curry powder and stir until fragrant. So what next? After this stage, enter the water, soy sauce and flavor broom and mix well. Finally enter the cabbage, green tomatoes and cayenne pepper and mix well. After that, cook until done and lift. Tongseng meat and tomatoes became


Bikin Kue Risoles Isi Cream Keju

Bikin Kue Risoles Isi Cream Keju – You confused prepare dessert menu for your dinner? Why do not you try the following recipes fruit pudding? Pudding would be ideal for a fine dining menu desert your family. Immediately, the way of making cake layered fruit pudding.

To cook her cakes you have to beat the egg whites, cake emulsifier, salt and cream of tartar until fluffy. Then enter the sugar and beat again until stiff. After that, put the flour and mix well then pour the liquid margarine and water suji leaves and pasta pandannya. Then stir again until blended. Finally, pour the batter into the baking pan diameter 18 that has been spread with margarine. Steam for 30 minutes until cooked. Then lift and divide the cake into two parts and then set aside.

The next step is to create a fruit pudding. Cook the milk, sugar and gelatin until boiling. Then lift and pour into whisk the egg whites while continuing to be shaken premises mixer until blended. Then enter the fruit cocktail and mix well.
Then prepare one sheet pandan cake in pan diameter 18 cm and pour batter pudding fruit. Then cover again with the cake and allow it to freeze.

Prepare basic ingredients, namely 300 ml egg white, 1 teaspoon cream of tartar, ½ tablespoons cake emulsifier, 150 grams of sugar, ½ teaspoon salt, 150 grams of wheat flour, 50 grams of margarine melted, 1 tsp pasta pandan and 50 ml of water and suji , For pudding stuffing the fruit, you have to prepare 400 ml of milk, water, 1 packet of jelly, 100 grams of sugar, 2 egg whites beaten until stiff and drained 1 can of fruit cocktail.

Bikin Kue Lumpur Dengan Toping Kismis

Bikin Kue Lumpur Dengan Toping Kismis – You intend to make cooking a cake Indonesia? Indonesia does have a variety of cuisines cake. It feels too varied and not lose with cakes made abroad. Moreover, pastries Indonesia can also be used as a mainstay for big parties you.

Suppose you intend to make a big celebration, then you can create one Indonesian cake called cake tray sweet potato. This cake memuliki two yellow bottom layer is made of sweet potatoes, white sedengkan another layer made of a mixture of rice flour, starch and coconut milk. How to make?

First, prepare material bottom layer: 300 grams of sweet potato wana yellow reddish-merhan, 60 grams of flour, 50 grams of rice flour, 125 grams of sugar, 250 ml thick coconut milk from 1 coconut, 1 teaspoon gelatin powder and ½ teaspoon salt smooth.

The third makes the top layer: first peeled sweet potatoes, steamed until soft and puree while hot. Then smooth yam mixed with rice flour, starch, milk, gelatin, sugar and salt until smooth. Then strain and set aside. Lastly prepare a cake mold tray that has been spread with oil. Pour the batter into the cake pan potato to as high as ¾ mold. Steam for until the dough hardens.

Fourthly make the bottom layer: Mix rice flour, cornflour and salt mix evenly. Then pour hot water and coconut milk little by little, stirring constantly until the mixture evenly and strain. Finally pour the batter onto the bottom layer prior to full mold. Lastly steamed back for 20 minutes until cooked cake. Remove and let cool. So sweet potato pie tray is also ready to be served.